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This is our review of the Best Elliptical Rowing Machine in . 

Individually, a rowing machine and an elliptical have their own advantages. Combining them into a single machine increases the fitness benefits and helps you save on floor space and money. 

After extensive research, we have curated a list of the best combo machines in the market, and the Teeter Power10 has surpassed our expectations. Combining the benefits of rowing and elliptical workouts, the Teeter Power 10 elliptical rowing machine offers low-impact yet high-intensity workouts. 

This machine can easily target different muscle groups while building endurance. What sets it apart from its counterparts is the bi-directional resistance it offers. This feature helps to engage multiple muscles and allows you to switch from a pull to a push motion even in the middle of a workout. 

An elliptical rowing machine can help tone your entire body, but we understand that everyone’s fitness levels and goals differ. Which is why we have included two additional equipments in this review that will give you a fantastic cardio workout. And you can pick the one that suits you best.

Best Elliptical Rowing MachineTeeter Power10 Rower
Other products offering a great cardio workout:
Best Recumbent Elliptical Teeter FreeStep LT3
Best Air BikeSchwinn Airdyne AD7

Read the entire article to perfectly zero in on the trainer of your choice. We have also covered the common questions you may have about ellipticals and rowing machines towards the end. 

Best Elliptical Rowing Machine and Alternate Options Reviewed

While each machine is excellent in achieving your daily fitness goals, we suggest consulting with a qualified medical professional beforehand, especially if you have any specific concerns.

Teeter Power10 Rower – Best Elliptical Rowing Machine 

Machine type: Elliptical rower combo

Resistance: 7 levels

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: ‎1-year warranty (60-day return policy)

The Teeter Power10 Rower Elliptical is a versatile and innovative machine that combines the benefits of both rowing and elliptical workouts. Its top feature is the bi-directional resistance, which helps you engage more muscle groups depending on your movements.

It has a patented elliptical path that allows you to easily switch from a pull to a push motion during your workout. This lets you target specific muscle groups while simultaneously allowing other muscles to recover.

The multi-grip handlebars also let you customize your workout by allowing you to change your grip mid-workout to tone every upper body muscle equally. The beauty of it all is whether you employ the rowing or elliptical components, the machine keeps your core actively engaged throughout. 

In addition to providing a full-body workout, the elliptical rowing machine also takes care of comfort. The handles have a high-grade rubberized coating to give you a good grip that is sweat-resistant. The footplates are oversized and textured to prevent slippage and muscle sprains.  

The Teeter Power10 also comes with a free personal training app that provides on-demand trainer-led classes, with options ranging from beginner-friendly to HIIT sessions. This is a huge advantage because most exercise machines that come with training apps only provide a free trial version that usually lasts for just 30 days.

The digital performance monitor tracks your workout metrics, including time, distance covered, and calories burnt per minute. It also displays your heart rate wirelessly via the Bluetooth-enabled chest strap (included with the machine) that can simultaneously connect with third-party apps.

Another plus point is that the seat height can be easily adjusted according to the size of the user. This means that even tall users can comfortably use this machine without feeling cramped.

The machine has transportation wheels and can be stored in an upright position. This makes it ideal for home use since it has a small footprint when not in use. 

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Bi-directional resistance for higher muscle engagementShort warranty coverage
Free personal training app
Space-saving design
Adjustable seat height

Summary of customer reviews

Customers love the Teeter Power10 Rower Elliptical as it offers a sturdy low-impact workout that is better than most trainers. It’s also quite easy to assemble (with step-by-step instructions on the BILT app). However, some customers have complained about the rower making noise.

Teeter FreeStep LT3 – Best Recumbent Elliptical

Machine type: Recumbent/seated elliptical 

Resistance: 13 levels

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: ‎2 year warranty (60-day return policy)

Teeter FreeStep LT3 is a great elliptical cross-trainer that provides users with a low-impact full-body workout experience, taking home workouts to a new level of comfort. With its dual motion, the elliptical evenly distributes muscle exertion across the upper and lower body, resulting in less fatigue and better workout results. 

One of the most significant benefits of the FreeStep is its smooth and gentle operation, thanks to the UltraGlide bearings that offer a jerk-free stride. The elliptical provides a low-impact workout perfect for individuals with joint issues or those who want to avoid undue stress on their knees, hips, and back. 

The FreeStep also boasts 13 levels of magnetic resistance, which can be easily adjusted using a dial. This allows users to increase or decrease the intensity of their workout per their requirements. 

The console has a digital display that helps keep track of different workout metrics. It also has a device holder to watch movies or listen to music while working out.

Comfort has also been given prime importance in the FreeStep. The premium, SoftStep textured pedals, and rubberized handlebars help prevent slippage and injury. Additionally, the seats are well-cushioned and slightly oversized for an added scope of movement and support. 

Aside from first-grade comfort, the seat has 3 recline and 2 height settings for maximum support while you train. This is important as maintaining proper posture engages the right muscles and prevents stiffness and strain post-workout.

Other value-added features include transportation wheels, a water bottle holder, and a heavy-duty, dust-resistant mat to protect your floor. 

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Seated trainer ideal for senior citizens and those undergoing rehabilitation Short warranty coverage
Adjustable seat and handlebarsLarge footprint

Summary of customer reviews

Most customers find Teeter FreeStep LT3 elliptical rower a great choice for cardio training. It offers a low-impact yet effective workout, giving added comfort since you can train in a seated position. It is also smooth and relatively quiet during operation. However, some customers have reported difficulties while assembling the machine and have found it time-consuming. 

Schwinn Airdyne AD7 – Best Air Bike 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B072Q63BDD&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=ellipticalrowingmachine 20&language=en US

Machine type: Air bike

Resistance: Infinite levels 

Max User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Warranty: ‎5 years on frame, 1 year on mechanical & electrical, 6 months on labor

The Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is one of the finest air bikes we have come across, giving you a great cardio workout. It has a unique air resistance system that offers virtually infinite resistance levels. This means the harder and faster you pedal, the more resistance you will encounter. 

The bike’s single-stage belt drive system is engineered for smooth, soundless operation while providing high resistance. 

Made with powder-coated steel, the AD7’s frame is designed to withstand water and sweat, prolonging its life and durability. 

The bike comes with a high-resolution multi-display LCD console that tracks your workout metrics such as calories, time, watts, speed, distance, RPM, and pulse rate. It is also equipped with heart rate telemetry for real-time heart rate tracking. 

The comfort factor in this bike is high as well. The AD7 comes with a padded seat that is fore/aft and height adjustable, allowing users to customize their position. The bike also features multi-grip handlebars that can engage different muscle groups in the upper body. 

The stand-out handlebars, adjustable seat quality, and a maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs ensure that this bike can cater to many users.

Why do we love it?What you need to consider
Infinite resistance levels Expensive
Multi-position handlebarsPoor customer service 
High maximum user weight capacity
Good warranty

Summary of customer reviews

Most users think the Schwinn Airdyne AD7 remains extremely sturdy and does not wobble, even during the most intense sprints. The elliptical is completely noiseless except for the moving air in the fan. However, some customers have raised complaints about their customer support. 

Which Gives a Better Workout, a Rowing Machine or an Elliptical?

Rowing machines and ellipticals are both capable of providing a full-body workout while also working on cardiovascular stamina. What would suit you better depends on your goals and current fitness levels.


A rower is an exercise machine that simulates the act of rowing a boat. While it’s not tricky, it requires at least one session with instructions to get the stroke motion right. 


More focus on strength than cardio 

The act of rowing engages the upper and lower body together in a way that focuses more on toning and strengthening your muscles than just getting the heart rate up. 

Good chest, arms, and back workout

Rowing machines target all major upper body muscle groups, such as your chest, arm, and upper back, more dedicatedly than an elliptical. So the upper body gets its fair share of exercise. 

Low impact on joints

Unlike high-impact exercises like running, rowing is less stressful for your joints. As a result, you can row for more extended periods without feeling fatigued or risking injury – helping you build strength and endurance gradually over time. 

Generally cheaper than ellipticals

A rowing machine’s design and working mechanism is simpler than an elliptical, making them cheaper than an elliptical trainer. 


Tougher workout experience

Rowing machines provide a lot of resistance to simulate the feeling of rowing on water, which makes the workout more challenging. Increasing the resistance makes it harder to row and requires more strength and endurance.

Large footprint

Rowing machines require full extension of your arms and legs, which is why they have a fairly large footprint. They take up a more sizable chunk of space compared to ellipticals.  


Ellipticals are a crossover between treadmills and step machines, simulating the action of walking and running, without the high impact on the joints. 


Good cardio workouts 

An elliptical helps you build stamina and endurance by working on your cardiovascular fitness. You can just as easily perform HIIT as steady-state cardio workouts on it. 

Focus on full body 

Ellipticals work primarily on the lower body muscles but can focus on the upper body also, especially since most of them come with moveable handlebars.

Low impact workouts

Ellipticals offer a more gentle approach toward joints than high-impact workouts like running and jumping. Since your feet never leave the pedals, the workout experienced is low-impact. Working out on the elliptical after an injury can actually help you regain the full range of motion.


Not ideal for strength training/muscle building 

Compared to a rowing machine, an elliptical doesn’t offer enough resistance to build muscle and strength. You must also incorporate weight training alongside these elliptical workouts in your fitness routine to build muscle. 


An elliptical rowing machine combines the low-impact motion of elliptical trainers with the resistance and upper-body workouts of a rowing machine. This combination of movements provides a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health and supports muscle strength. 

Based on our research, we found the Teeter Power10 Rower to be the best elliptical rowing machine. It has a  bi-directional resistance that puts all the muscle groups to work. With 7 resistance levels and a free training app, you can challenge yourself with trainer-led videos and classes. Above all, it is space-saving and ideal for home use. 

We have also written a detailed review on the best elliptical bike combo and the best elliptical stepper combos available which you can check out. 


Can an elliptical rowing machine help lose weight?

Yes, an elliptical rowing machine can help you lose weight if you combine your workouts with an appropriate diet and overall healthy lifestyle habits. 
According to experts [1], an individual can burn from  255-440 calories in a 30-minute rowing session, depending on their weight and intensity while working out. 

What muscles does an elliptical rowing machine combo work on?

The elliptical rowing machine primarily strengthens the upper body muscles like the upper arms, back, and traps while simultaneously working on the glutes, hamstrings, and legs. The core muscles are also activated during this workout. 

You can also consider working out on an inclined elliptical for a full-body workout. 

Which Burns More Calories: A Rowing Machine Or An Elliptical?

In a 30-minute workout, training on the elliptical usually burns between 270-378 calories, whereas on the rowing machine, you’ll burn between 255-440 calories. 
If your focus is more on toning and strengthening, a rowing machine will help you achieve your goals faster. 

Is A Rowing Machine Or An Elliptical Better For Bad Knees?

If you have bad knees, an elliptical is a better option for you than a rowing machine. An elliptical is designed to provide a low-impact workout that simulates walking. It is gentler on the knees and can provide a great workout.
A rowing machine, while being low-impact as well, does apply load on the knees since the action of rowing requires you to put your knees to constant and strong use.

Is An Elliptical Machine Or Rower Better For Back Pain?

This entirely depends on the location of the back pain and its severity. Both, rowing and elliptical machines provide low-impact workouts for the joints, including the back. However, the constant back and forth of the back involved in rowing may aggravate pain.
Rowing is a great option for people with mild back pain where the muscles have become weak. Rowing will strengthen the back muscles and reduce pain. However, for people with moderate to severe pain, an elliptical is the best way to strengthen the back at a slower pace. 

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in the article above is for educational and informational purposes only. It shouldn’t be considered health or medical advice. Please consult a doctor or a qualified health professional if you have any medical/health conditions questions.

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