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The exercise equipment industry today offers a staggering variety of ellipticals. Despite being designed to serve the same purpose, every elliptical has distinctive features and advantages. However, price plays a crucial role and is often the key differentiator for ellipticals. 

People usually equate price with quality, expecting an expensive elliptical to be among the best. But this is not necessarily true. You can get a great elliptical within a limited budget as well.

Here we have curated a list based on our research of the best budget ellipticals available in the market under $1000.

Per us, the best elliptical under $1000 is Sunny Premium Elliptical Smart Trainer, which offers a challenging cardio experience. It has up to 24 workout modes to suit all your fitness goals. The SunnyFit app also helps to connect the elliptical to your mobile device so you can track all your fitness metrics. And it comes with a commendable weight capacity of 330 lbs, suitable for most users. 

But let’s also have a look at some other ellipticals under $1000 across different categories: 

Best Elliptical Under $1000 OverallSunny Premium Elliptical Smart Trainer
Best Recumbent Elliptical Under $1000Teeter FreeStep LT1
Best Heavy-duty Elliptical Under $1000Niceday Elliptical
Best Compact Elliptical Under $1000 Horizon Fitness EX-59
Best Walking Elliptical Under $1000Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer
Best Hybrid Elliptical Under $1000ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT

Do read through the entire article. Aside from detailed reviews, we have also included a helpful buying guide and answered some commonly asked questions.

6 Best Ellipticals Under $1000

While each elliptical reviewed here will help you in your fitness journey, we advise consulting a medical professional for specific health issues.

Sunny Premium Elliptical Smart Trainer – Best Elliptical Under $1000 Overall

Drive System: Rear drive

Resistance: 16 levels 

Foldable: No

Max User Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Warranty: 3 years for the frame and 180 days for other parts and components

The Sunny Premium Elliptical Smart Trainer provides a powerful cardio workout in the comfort of your home, making it the best elliptical under $1000. This machine can challenge any fitness regimen thanks to its 24 unique workout modes and 16 adjustable resistance levels.   

The elliptical is designed to withstand the most challenging workouts. The frame is quite sturdy, and foot stabilizers enhance the machine’s stability.  

The 15.4 lbs flywheel and belt-drive mechanism gives you a smooth workout experience. Wide and textured footplates give your feet a better grip and prevent chances of slippage and injury. The handlebars help engage your upper body and add more stability during the workout. 

All your performance metrics, like time, distance, pulse rate, speed, calories, etc., are tracked and displayed in real-time by the onboard monitor. Another fantastic feature is that this smart elliptical allows you to connect your smart devices with the SunnyFit app. This lets you maintain a record of your fitness stats off the elliptical as well.

The elliptical has a stride of 15.5 inches and a user weight capacity of 330 lbs, making it suitable for most users. 

It is also fitted with transportation wheels to help move the elliptical easily.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
16 resistance levels Limited warranty
Numerous workout modesCannot be folded
Trackable performance metrics with the SunnyFit app

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers love the Sunny Premium Elliptical Smart Trainer as it meets all their cardio needs and is affordable. They also find the transportation wheels very convenient for moving the elliptical. However, some customers needed help with assembling it. Few others have also reported noise from the elliptical after some days of usage. 

Teeter FreeStep LT1 – Best Recumbent Elliptical Under $1000 

Drive System: Rear drive

Resistance: 13 levels of magnetic resistance

Foldable: No

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 1-year repair and replacement warranty

Teeter FreeStep LT1 is one of the best budget ellipticals offering stress-free, zero-impact cardio, and strength training. The best part about this machine is that you can train in a seated position. It offers 3 levels of recline settings to offer maximum comfort and optimal body posture. 

Many may feel that training on a recumbent elliptical could give the feeling of training on a bike. But with the Teeter FreeStep, the stride path is linear. The unique stepper-like pedal motion is less strenuous and provides a pleasant, low-impact workout for the knees, hips, and back. That’s why this is among the best ellipticals for people who are obese or have back issues.

This elliptical offers 13 levels of resistance which can be easily adjusted using the dial to provide more challenging workout sessions. 

Handlebars are ergonomically placed and engage the upper body effectively, giving you a total body workout. You can also set the seat height and handlebars to maximize comfort, yet target different muscles. 

FreeStep LT1 comes with a digital console that keeps track of all your workout metrics, like distance, time, speed, and calories.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Seated elliptical with 3 recline levels Limited warranty
13 resistance levels Small LCD screen
Adjustable seat and handlebars

Summary of Customer Reviews

The customers find Teeter FreeStep LT1 a budgeted recumbent elliptical. It provides a low-impact workout that is easy on joints. However, many customers were unhappy as the display screen being too small. 

Niceday Elliptical – Best Heavy-duty Elliptical Under $1000

Drive System: Rear drive

Resistance: 16 levels of magnetic resistance

Foldable: No

Max User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Warranty: 1-year warranty

The Niceday Elliptical is a great heavy-duty cost-effective rear-drive elliptical equipment. 

With a user weight capacity of 400 lbs, this elliptical is suitable for most users. The frame is made from extra sturdy steel pipes and has a very stable base, so you can use this elliptical for strenuous workouts. 

It comes with a Hyper-Quiet Magnetic Drive System, which helps to eliminate noise. The 16lbs flywheel and a 15.5″ stride length ensure a smooth workout experience. Whereas the 16 resistance levels ensure you progress along your fitness journey. 

The handlebar is adjustable to provide a comfortable grip to the user while using the elliptical. It has also been equipped with a pulse sensor, which helps in real-time tracking of the heart rate. 

The console has an HD LCD display that keeps track of time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse. The data is well-calibrated using algorithms for accurate data tracking.

This equipment can also be used without electricity and comes with transport wheels for easy movement around the house. 

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
400 lbs weight capacityLifetime service, not warranty
Electricity free

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers love this elliptical as it can quickly be assembled and is easily moveable. However, some users found it loud, with a squeaky voice.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 – Best Compact Elliptical Under $1000

Drive System: Front drive

Resistance: 10 levels of magnetic resistance

Foldable: No

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime for frame and 1 year for breaks, parts & labor

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 delivers a high-quality experience in less space and a price that is affordable, making it the best compact elliptical under 1000. 

It has a SixStar ergonomic design which ensures you can maintain the ideal body posture during the workouts. The frame is sturdy and ergonomically created to give you the most comfortable experience. The fact that the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for the frame shows their confidence in its quality and design.

It has an 18-inch stride length that mimics the natural walking and running movement. Another reason this elliptical is a great choice is because of the tight Q-factor. A tight Q-factor means the distance between the pedals is shorter. This reduces stress on the back and hips and prevents fatigue from setting in quickly.

The elliptical has 10 workout programs, including 3 target training (calories, distance, time), 3 workouts (weight loss, hills, reverse train), and 1 customized workout. This is a major plus point because you can experiment with and mix different programs to experience unique training sessions.

Other features like sonic surround speakers, an MP3 player, and a cooling fan help your workout become more comfortable and enjoyable. And the transportation wheels help in easy moving and portability. 

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Sturdy, ergonomic frame No incline
Tighter pedal distance for joint healthNo USB port
Lifetime warranty for frame

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers find Horizon EX-59 an excellent economical elliptical that is easy to assemble. It does not take much room and is space efficient. However, a few users complained of a squeaky sound within a few weeks of working out and also found after-sales customer support lacking.

Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer – Best Walking Elliptical Under $1000

Drive System: NA

Resistance: NA

Foldable: Yes

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 1 year

The Gazelle Foldable Elliptical Trainer is quite famous among users due to its hassle-free assembly and super compact size. It also weighs only 46 lbs, and so is very easy to move around.

While the elliptical doesn’t offer high-tech functions, it targets all the major muscle groups, giving you a full-body, low-impact walking workout.

You can track metrics like time, distance, calories, and speed of your workout session. It also tracks heart rate using a built-in pulse monitor at the thumb. 

This elliptical also comes with two DVDs with various workout routines.

All these features make it one of the best inexpensive foldable elliptical walker on the market.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Easy to move and store  No resistance
Super compact

Summary of Customer Reviews

Most users love using the Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer as it is a handy machine compared to other high-tech variants. Although it is easily movable and offers hassle-free storage, some users find it hard to assemble.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT – Best Hybrid Elliptical Under $1000 

Drive System: Rear drive

Resistance: 16 digital levels 

Foldable: No

Max User Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Warranty: 5 years for frame and 1 year for parts & labor

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT is a versatile 2-in-1 elliptical that offers the combined benefits of a recumbent bike and a rear-drive elliptical. The best part about this machine is that you can seamlessly transition between the 2 modes based on your comfort and requirement.

The elliptical has 16 levels of resistance that can be changed using the console. The pedals are oversized and adjustable, making the elliptical an ideal fit for a variety of users.

The integrated console features a well-lit LCD screen to monitor your heart rate, speed, calories, distance, etc. However, the highlight is the iFit app membership that comes with the treadmill, albeit as a 30-day trial. It also has iFit fitness tracking that helps you to track your workout metrics. 

Through the app, you can stream live classes and attend on-demand workout sessions online. It allows you to experience personal training at home. The iFit trainers keep you invested in your fitness by automatically adjusting your workout settings to motivate and push you harder.

The elliptical comes with a  moving set of handlebars to engage your upper body. Integrated pulse sensors on these handlebars monitor and track your heart rate in real-time to ensure you are always in the optimal zone.

The Hybrid Trainer is also equipped with transportation wheels that help move the elliptical from one place to another. 

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
2-in-1 recumbent bike and ellipticalShort warranty of parts
Interactive training programs
User-friendly LCD
30-day return policy

Summary of Customer Reviews

Users find the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT elliptical easy to assemble and switch from recumbent to rear-drive elliptical. However, few customers have faced issues with the backlit LCD screen and iFit subscription.

Benefits of Using an Elliptical

An elliptical is a top choice for a home workout as it offers a range of advantages.

Weight loss

According to a study[1] published by the Harvard Medical School, a 30-minute workout on the elliptical can help you burn 270 to 378 calories depending on your weight. So, an elliptical is an efficient way to lose weight as you burn calories. Do remember that this needs to be supported with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle for the best results. 

Full-body workout

An elliptical is one of the few equipment that offers a full-body workout. Unlike many other cardio equipments, elliptical engages both your lower and upper body muscles. The prime targets are the glutes, quads, hamstrings, chest, triceps, biceps, and core muscles. 

Low impact on joints

Working out on an elliptical is comparatively less weight-bearing than other cardio workouts like running, jogging, etc. Training on an elliptical puts less stress on your joints as your feet never leave the pedal, thus offering a great low-impact workout experience.     

Injury prevention

Since ellipticals offer a low-impact workout, they are also generally safer and result in fewer chances of injuries. 

Improve balance and mobility

Balance and mobility are crucial factors in living a healthy life. An elliptical helps to improve balance and mobility by engaging all muscles and strengthening the leg and core.

Improve overall health

Apart from burning calories, ellipticals also help to increase stamina, reduce blood pressure, and improve blood and oxygen circulation. Together, these contribute to better health and fitness.

Buying Guide: What to look for in the best budget elliptical?

Here are the key factors to look for while buying the best budget elliptical: 


The price is among the foremost factors to consider before buying an elliptical. The price of an elliptical usually ranges anywhere between $150 to $5,000. Decide on how much you are willing to spend. However, it’s important to remember that pricier ellipticals are usually loaded with more premium features.

Running/walking is also a great cardio workout, and you can easily do these in the comfort of your home with a great budget treadmill

Build quality

The frame material and its quality are important considerations when purchasing an elliptical. An elliptical should have a strong, high-quality frame that can withstand heavy weight and is stable during workouts. A solidly built elliptical will have a longer life and will reduce the chance of workout-related injuries.

Type of elliptical

Ellipticals can be categorized in multiple ways. 

  1. basis your workout posture, i.e., recumbent, standing, or hybrid
  2. basis the positioning of the flywheel and drive system, i.e., front drive, rear drive, and center drive
  3. based on compactness, i.e., foldable or non-foldable. 

So, you should decide on the type of elliptical you want depending on the space availability and your workout goals.

Resistance and incline

An elliptical’s resistance and incline are crucial since they determine how you progress along in your fitness journey. You should consider getting an adjustable resistance and incline while buying an elliptical, as it adds intensity to your workout and makes it more challenging.

User weight capacity

It is important to consider the maximum weight capacity of an elliptical before buying it. An elliptical with a higher maximum weight capacity is generally more stable and prevents injuries. We recommend purchasing an elliptical whose maximum weight capacity is more than the heaviest person using it.


Over time, fitness equipment experiences wear and tear, so the value of a warranty cannot be underestimated. It is preferable to ensure the elliptical you are purchasing has a long warranty covering the frame, body components, and labor.


Ellipticals that are budgeted under $1000 are generally mid-level ellipticals built to withstand light to moderate workouts. They may not be equipped with the latest high-tech features. However, some offer features like Bluetooth connectivity, the iFit app, adjustable recline settings, etc. 

As per our research, the best elliptical under $1000 is the Sunny Premium Elliptical Smart Trainer. It offers a great cardio workout and good features for the price paid. The elliptical is sturdy and offers multiple workout modes and resistance levels. It also allows you to connect your elliptical to your mobile device to view and track your real-time performance metrics. 


Can I find a durable elliptical for under $1,000?

Yes, you can easily get a durable elliptical for under $1000. The best elliptical under 1000 is the Sunny Premium Elliptical. However, we have covered a lot of other options, which you can see in the review above. 

Do budget ellipticals provide a full-body workout?

Budget ellipticals provide a full-body workout by engaging the upper and lower body. The workout is generally easy on joints and helps to burn calories.  

Can you find high-tech features on ellipticals under $1,000?

You may not find high-tech features on ellipticals under $1000, but some ellipticals offer features, including Bluetooth connectivity, fitness app integration, device and bottle holder, etc. 

How much does a good-quality elliptical cost?

The features available on an elliptical influence its price. However, quality is one of the most important things. If you do the correct research before buying an elliptical, you can get a good-quality elliptical with features of your choice for approximately $1000 or less.  

How long do low-price ellipticals last?

Ellipticals are usually built of durable material to handle everyday workouts. However, the life of the elliptical also depends upon its maintenance, care, and usage. Low-price ellipticals usually last, on average, for about 3 years without replacing parts. 

Are lower-priced ellipticals noisy?

Ellipticals are generally quiet. They tend to make noise when they are close to their maximum weight capacity or when they need lubrication. 

Will an elliptical burn belly fat?

Losing belly fat requires time and patience. An elliptical is an effective piece of equipment to help lose weight and even belly fat. However, one must combine workouts with food and lifestyle alterations aligned with your health to see positive results. 

Which is the best place to buy an elliptical? 

The best place to buy an elliptical is Amazon because it offers you a wide variety of options to choose from. Alternatively, you can buy an elliptical from any brick-and-mortar store like Walmart, Target, etc. 

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in the article above is for educational and informational purposes only. It shouldn’t be considered as health or medical advice. Please consult a doctor or a qualified health professional if you have any medical/health conditions questions.

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