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An elliptical trainer is a great way to stay in touch with fitness at home. It offers low-impact but very efficient workouts. However, if you are tall, you need to keep a few points in mind before buying an elliptical.

The very first requirement would be a good stride length. As a thumb rule, for anyone who is 6’ tall and higher, a stride length of 20” works. This gives your legs enough space to exercise comfortably and prevents leg cramps and joint pains. Of course, you would also need to consider the maximum weight limit, durability and value-added features, among others. 

There are a variety of long-stride ellipticals available in the market today. After going through the features and specifications of all the products, we found 5 long stride ellipticals that met our quality standards. And the Schwinn 470 Elliptical checked all of the features and quality boxes to qualify as the best elliptical for tall people. 

It comes with a 20-inch stride length which aims to offer a comfortable and natural workout experience. The elliptical has over 29 workout programs and up to 25 levels of resistance, ensuring you a challenging workout every time. 

Also, check out the 4 other ellipticals with different stride lengths that made the cut. 

Best Elliptical with 20” Stride (Overall)Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical
Best Elliptical with 22” StrideNautilus E618 Elliptical
Best Elliptical with 18” StrideNordictrack Spacesaver SE7I Elliptical
Best Budget Elliptical with Long Stride (18”)Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical
Best Air Walker with Long StrideSunny – SF-E902 Walker

We recommend reading this article till the end to understand the elliptical that fits you the best. We have also covered the most frequently asked questions and have enumerated a useful buying guide.

5 Best Elliptical with Long Stride Reviewed

Each of our recommended ellipticals is capable of meeting your fitness goals. However, we strongly advise you to consult with a qualified physician especially if you have any specific medical condition/s.

Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical  – Best Elliptical with 20” Stride (Overall)

Stride length: 20 inches

User weight capacity: 300 lbs

Resistance: 25 levels

Warranty: 10 years for frame, 2 years for mechanical parts, 1 year for electronics, and 90 days for labor

We find the Schwinn 470 to be the best long-stride elliptical to amp up your endurance, strength, and weight loss training. It features a 20-inch-long stride with a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. This makes it ideal for tall users up to about 6’5″. 

Additionally, the large cushioned footplates give added comfort, especially during longer workouts. With this, it comes with Precision Path foot motion technology that is intended to give you a natural running experience.

The Schwinn 470 also offers 25 levels of resistance and a motorized adjustable ramp of up to 10 degrees incline. These two features can help you set up challenging workout sessions effortlessly. 

With 29 exercise programs fed into it and easy compatibility with the Explore the World app, you can design different kinds of cardio-centric or lower body-centric workouts with ease. This also reduces the boredom and complacency you may experience in your fitness regimen. 

Surprisingly, the machine gives a quiet workout experience despite the resistance levels. This is because it has been fitted with a high inertia perimeter flywheel that helps mute sound and provides smoother training.

The frame is quite sturdy and fitted with ergonomically designed handlebars to give you the added flexibility of placing your hands in a position comfortable for you.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to track your goals and maintain records on various fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, etc. Other value-added features include built-in speakers, a water-bottle holder and transport wheels for portability. 

Why do we love it What you need to consider
Sync with tools like Explore the World, MyFitnessPal, etc.Short warranty for electronics 
Smooth, quiet workout experience
Incline option
Cooling fan

Summary of customer reviews

Customers love the Schwinn 470 as it is an excellent machine for home use and has a longer stride with a small footprint. However, a few customers faced issues assembling the elliptical and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Nautilus E618 Elliptical – Best Elliptical with 22” Stride

Stride length: 22 inches 

User weight capacity: 350 lbs

Resistance: 32 levels

Warranty: 15 years for frame, 5 years on parts and electronic, 2 years on labor

The Nautilus E618 is a high-end heavy-duty elliptical on the list, ideal for tall users as it has a 22″ stride length and a 350 lbs weight capacity. A 22″ stride is the longest stride length available on ellipticals, making it a great purchase. 

The machine comes with 32 levels of resistance and 29 preset programs that move you forward on your fitness journey. These programs help you with heart rate training, weight loss, and interval training. It also lets you adjust the incline between 0 and 10 degrees, making your workout as challenging as you want. 

The ergonomic handlebars allow for easy grip and smooth movement of the elliptical. The console shows various fitness metrics and can be titled for the highest visibility. 

The Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect the machine with various fitness apps to track your progress. This elliptical also syncs with the free Explore the World app, where you can choose from 19 locations and 27 routes from around the world to workout on. 

A wireless heart rate chest strap is included in addition to the contact grips to measure your heart rate. This helps maintain and improve your cardiovascular fitness. 

Why do we love it What you need to consider
29 preset custom programs Takes up a lot of space
22” stride length
Heart rate chest strap

Summary of customer reviews

According to the users, this machine is perfect to begin your fitness journey. The preset programs make it very easy to start working out. Some users believe the machine is more like a stair master instead of an elliptical.

Nordictrack Spacesaver Elliptical SE7I – Best Elliptical with 18” Stride

Stride length: 18 inches 

User weight capacity: 325 lbs 

Resistance: 22 levels

Warranty: 10 years for frame, 2 years for parts, and 1 year for labor

The NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7I is a dream come true for fitness freaks who love working out at home. 

The 18″ stride length is perfect when you have multiple users of varying heights at home. It ensures that all users are comfortable during the workout. It also comes with a 325 lbs user weight capacity. 

The heavy 18 lbs flywheel gives you silky smooth pedalling motion. 

This elliptical offers 22 digital resistance levels and a power incline, ensuring you progress along your fitness journey. It also has a 30-day iFit membership, including on-demand workout sessions and trainer interaction. Thus ensuring you don’t get bored and have enough workout options.

With this elliptical, you get a 5-inch backlit display that helps you keep track of your workout metrics. 

The equipment offers a space-saver design, making it ideal for homes. With great design, several features, and a good warranty, this is one of the best folding ellipticals with a long stride.

Why we love itWhat you need to consider
iFit with numerous workout programs and automatic trainer controls Folds horizontally, keeping the same footprint
InclineHeavy to move  

Summary of customer reviews

This NordicTrack folding elliptical is easy to assemble and good for home use. Though the elliptical is huge, it can be stored easily. While most users love it, there are complaints about the elliptical making noises and delayed customer support. Also, you need to set up the iFit account to use this machine, which requires updating your credit card details.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical – Best Budget Elliptical with Long Stride (18”)

Stride length: 18 inches

User weight capacity: 300 lbs

Resistance: 10 levels

Warranty: Lifetime for frame, 1 year for brake, parts and labor

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 delivers a high-quality experience at a price that is affordable and easy on the pocket, making it the best budget elliptical. 

It has a SixStar ergonomic design which ensures you can maintain the ideal body posture during the workouts. The frame is very sturdy and ergonomically created to give you the most comfortable experience. The fact that the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for the frame shows their confidence in its quality and design.

It has an 18-inch stride length that mimics the natural walking and running movement. Another reason this elliptical is a great choice is because of the tight Q-factor. A tight Q-factor means the distance between the pedals is shorter. This reduces stress on the back and hips and prevents fatigue from setting in quickly.

The elliptical has 10 workout programs, including 3 target training (calories, distance, time), 3 workouts (weight loss, hills, reverse train), and 1 customized workout. This is a major plus point because you can experiment with and mix different programs to experience unique training sessions.

Other features like sonic surround speakers, an MP3 player, and a cooling fan, help your workout become more comfortable and enjoyable. And the transportation wheels help in easy moving and portability. 

Why do we love it?What do you need to consider?
Sturdy, ergonomic frame with lifetime warrantyNo incline
Tighter pedal distance for joint healthNo USB port
Lifetime warranty for frame

Summary of customer reviews

Customers find Horizon EX-59 an excellent economical elliptical which is easy to assemble. It does not take much room and is space efficient. However, a few users complained of a squeaky sound within a few weeks of working out, and also found after-sales customer support lacking.

Sunny Fitness Glider SF-E902 – Best Air Walker with Long Stride 

Stride length: 30 inches 

User weight capacity: 220 lbs

Resistance: Air mechanism 

Warranty: 1 year for frame and 180 days for parts and components

The Sunny – SF-E902 is a glider that provides smooth movement, preventing jerks and jarring impacts on the joints. The 30″ stride length lets you glide smoothly during the workout. You can start with a slow walk and then gain pace as you progress giving you a full-body workout. 

It comes with an LCD monitor that shows time, calorie count, distance, speed, etc., to track your progress. Below the monitor is an abdominal pad to support your abdomen while working out and can be adjusted as per your comfort. 

The elliptical can be easily stored with its foldable design, saving you a lot of space.

These features and a very reasonable price make this trainer one of the best budget buys in the long-stride elliptical category.

Why do we love it?What do you need to consider?
Easy to move and storeNo resistance
Super compact  User weight capacity 
Stride length

Summary of customer reviews

Many users find it useful for aerobic training, and it is easy on the knees and other joints. However, some find the quality of this product poor. 

What exactly is an elliptical stride length?

Elliptical stride length is defined as the longest distance between two pedals, measured primarily from the front foot pedal’s toe up to the heel of the back pedal. It varies from one machine to another (typically in the range of 14 to 22 inches). 

Why is it important to determine stride length before exercising?

It is important to determine the correct personal stride length of the elliptical before purchasing because it contributes to the effectiveness of your workout. Using an elliptical with a stride length that is short for you can make your workouts uncomfortable and put a strain on your lower back, and make you feel cramped.
However, a stride length that is too long for you can cause knee pain due to muscle hyperextension.

What is the best elliptical stride length for you?

Stride lengths for home ellipticals usually tend to vary, with compact ellipticals having a shorter stride length, while the bigger ellipticals have a larger stride length. 
Given below is a table with the best stride length for people based on their height: 

User HeightOptimal Stride Length
Under 5’11”-14”
Over 6’20”-22”

Buying Guide: What to look for in an elliptical for tall people? 

Before you purchase an elliptical with a long stride for yourself, here are a few things you must consider: 

Stride length

Choosing an elliptical whose stride length matches your height or the height of the tallest person in your home is crucial. This ensures comfortable workouts and avoids unnecessary strain on the back, hips and knees joints. 
Check out the table above to see the ideal stride length per your height. 

Weight capacity

When comparing ellipticals, it’s a good idea to consider the machine’s weight capacity too. Opt for an elliptical with the highest weight capacity (preferably 300 lbs minimum user weight). This usually translates into ellipticals having a durable and sturdy frame. 
Also, always ensure that the elliptical’s weight capacity is more than the heaviest member of your family. 


The weight and design of the flywheel determines the effectiveness of your workout. The general rule is that the heavier the flywheel, the better the workout experience. 
Choose an elliptical with a flywheel of 15 pounds or heavier.  


The manufacturer’s warranty is another important factor when buying a long-stride ellipticalAny machine is prone to wear and tear, especially if used on a regular basis. That is why buying one with a long warranty is sensible. Also, a longer warranty indicates that the manufacturer is confident about the product’s longevity, design, and usability. 
Having a long warranty often means expensive equipment. We have reviewed the best cheap ellipticals to ensure you get value for money for your machine, including a good warranty. 


If you’re tall and want to workout effectively at home, investing in a long-stride elliptical is a great idea. For people who are well over 6 feet tall, the best elliptical with a 20-inch stride would be the Schwinn 470 Elliptical. This trainer has enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to set, track and monitor progress with most fitness apps. It offers 25 resistance levels alongside a 10° motorized adjustable ramp that allows great incline control for an intense workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are elliptical strides the same as steps? 

No. The stride of most ellipticals is shorter than the stride length of regular walking or running. This is why it takes more elliptical strides to cover a particular distance than for steps.

What is the longest stride length of any elliptical machine? 

The longest stride length of any elliptical machine is 22 inches. Our recommendation for this length is the Nautilus E618 Elliptical. However, a 20 inches stride length is excellent for easy workout experiences across different user heights.

Can you be too tall for an elliptical?

Yes, you may be too tall for an elliptical. However, there are plenty of ellipticals for tall people. These machines have a longer stride length, making them perfect for individuals 6 feet and above in height. Check out our recommendations at the top. 

What stride length is best for an elliptical?

While there’s no specific rule around the best stride length of an elliptical machine, 20 inches is typically considered the ideal stride length used commercially at the gym.

Can you adjust the stride on an elliptical?

Yes, you can easily adjust the stride on an elliptical machine. Some come with power adjustment features that help change the length of the user’s stride. 

Are 20-inch stride-length ellipticals usable for shorter people too?

People in the height range of 5’3″ and 5’7″ can use ellipticals with 20-inch stride length. 

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in the article above is for educational and informational purposes only. It shouldn’t be considered health or medical advice. Please consult a doctor or a qualified health professional if you have any medical/health conditions questions.

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