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Fenugreek is an ancient herb used widely in the Indian subcontinent for culinary purposes. Both the leaves and seeds are known to provide immense health benefits ranging from glowing skin to boosting testosterone levels.

While including fenugreek in cooking is an amazing way to experience its benefits. But to see the results quickly and sustainably, fenugreek needs to be consumed in more potent doses. Here is where supplements come in.

Today, a massive variety of fenugreek supplements are available in the market. But not all of them meet the standards of quality and potency. My ultimate goal as a nutritionist is to make sure that clients get the best out of every supplement they are advised. This includes studying not just the dosage but also the sourcing, purity, and packaging of each nutrient.

Here, I bring 6 supplements and 1 essential oil that are a cut above the rest of the products available in the market. Among those, Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed is my top pick. The dosage is just right for people of both genders and from different age groups. It is also certified vegan and non-GMO and completely free from artificial additives.

However, below are 6 more products so that you can pick what works best for you.

Best Fenugreek Supplement – OverallNature’s Way Fenugreek Seed
Best Fenugreek Supplement – Lactation SupportOregon’s Wild Harvest Organic Fenugreek
Best Fenugreek Supplement – Essential OilGya Labs Fenugreek Essential Oil
Best Fenugreek Supplement – for MenFenutrax Fenugreek Extract
Best Fenugreek Supplement – Gut HealthVH Nutrition Fenugreek
Best Fenugreek Supplement – OrganicNutrigold Organic Fenugreek
Best Fenugreek Supplement – BudgetBest Natural’s Fenugreek

After the detailed reviews, I also explain how to choose the best fenugreek supplement for yourself, fenugreek benefits, and answer other common questions you may have about fenugreek supplements.

7 Best Fenugreek Supplements Reviewed

Note: All nutritional facts mentioned below are for a single serving, as mentioned on the product label.

Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed – Best Fenugreek Supplement (Overall)

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Fenugreek Seed: 1.22g

What I love the most about Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed is that the formula has been put together to work well for different ages and for men as well as women.

New mothers can find excellent support in this supplement since it helps to enhance milk production naturally. This supplement can also help soothe disturbed digestion. It is an excellent natural alternative for people who frequently suffer digestive upsets and difficulties.

It also helps to increase testosterone levels in men naturally and improves sex drive without worrying about side effects.

The capsules are standard-sized, making it easy to swallow without getting stuck in the throat. By the way, even the capsules that contain the fenugreek dose are derived from plants. This makes it a true-vegan product, and has also been certified so.

The makers have been cautious about additives as well. So you will not find any sugar, salt, yeast, soy, dairy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in it.

All in all, this is my top pick among fenugreek supplements.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Certified-Vegan and non-GMOCapsules have an off-putting smell
Contains no additives or artificial flavors or colors

Summary of Customer Reviews

Most users love Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed for its high quality and potent effects. However, we did come across some users who found the capsules smelly.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Organic Fenugreek – Best Fenugreek Supplement for Lactation Support

Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Fenugreek Seed: 1.5g

One of the main worries a new mother has is whether her milk supply is enough. Many mothers struggle with this, especially in the first month post-delivery. Fenugreek is among the herbs considered a galactagogue – something that helps increase milk production in the mother.

While including the herb or seeds in the new mother’s daily diet is a fantastic idea, a fenugreek supplement can help get results quickly. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Organic Fenugreek is one excellent product for lactation support.

A 1500mg serving size helps to naturally increase milk production in the mother without the hassle of side effects. In addition, since it has absolutely no additives and is organically sourced, it is absolutely safe for both mom and baby.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Great for lactation supportHigh dosage may cause digestive disturbance in some people
Contains no additives or artificial flavors or colors
Organically sourced

Summary of Customer Reviews

More than 85% of users vouch for the lactational benefits of Oregon’s Wild Harvest Organic Fenugreek. However, some customers have complained about experiencing gassiness and bloating after taking them.

Gya Labs Fenugreek Essential Oil – Best Fenugreek Supplement (Essential Oil)

Serving Size: NA (For external use only)

Fenugreek Seed: In Oil

We know that supplements are generally products that can be consumed internally to experience the benefits of their core ingredients. However, fenugreek is one such herb that has the versatility to function as an excellent external application as well.

Gya Labs Fenugreek Essential Oil is among the best external applications of fenugreek I have come across. However, being an essential oil, it contains a very concentrated dose of fenugreek and needs to be used in controlled quantities (think drops).

It is an excellent revitalizer for the scalp and hair and promotes hair growth and scalp hydration. Its hydration qualities also make it an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Used in combination with other essential oils, it can help firm up the skin and reduce fine lines.

It also has a unique woody smell that gives the skin and hair a warm scent.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Excellent hydration support for skin and hairOnly for external application
Warm, woody scent

Summary of Customer Reviews

Users love the high-quality ingredients and the soft, woody scent of Gya Labs Fenugreek Essential Oil. They also vouch for its effects on skin firming and hair growth.

Fenutrax Fenugreek Extract – Best Fenugreek Supplement for Men

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Fenugreek Seed: 1g

Due to hectic lifestyles and erratic sleep and food patterns, many men are facing the challenges of low sex drive. Instead of opting for synthetically created medicines to enhance libido, fenugreek supplements are a natural way of bringing the sex drive back up.

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the sex drive in men. Fenutrax Fenugreek Extract, in particular, has been designed to increase testosterone levels more quickly than others. It contains 1g of fenugreek per serving, which is less than the average serving delivered by other fenugreek-infused products. However, the difference is in the formulation.

This formula contains a more concentrated amount of saponins. Saponins are the actual bioactive principles of fenugreek that are responsible for all of its benefits, including a rise in testosterone levels.

Because of its purer formula, Fenutrax can hit testosterone levels faster than other fenugreek supplements. Along with this, active saponins also have fat-burning and energizing properties. 

As an added bonus, they also help to enhance mood. So, all in all, this product is definitely fantastic news for men.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
High bioavailability of formulaOn the expensive side
Faster rise in testosterone levels and sex drive
Contains no fillers or additives

Summary of Customer Reviews

Many users love Fenutrax Fenugreek Extract for its ability to improve sex drive and boost energy levels. However, some customers find the product high on budget.

VH Nutrition Fenugreek – Best Fenugreek Supplement for Gut Health

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Fenugreek Seed: 1.4g

While VH Nutrition Fenugreek has been marketed as providing great lactation support, I have found this supplement to have a special contribution towards gut health.

We all have experienced the challenges of a weak gut. A weak gut can happen for many reasons, but hormonal imbalance is among the top three. 

VH Nutrition Fenugreek helps to tame the imbalance and bring the body’s hormones into a sense of order. Hormonal balance can restore gut health by bringing down internal inflammation and improving digestive capabilities.

Besides improving digestive issues, this supplement helps improve energy levels and support post-workout recovery. This is because it has been suggested that fenugreek can improve how glucose is used in the body to produce energy. In addition, it has also been suggested that fenugreek can help replenish muscles with glycogen, and improve recovery time after a workout.

In women, this supplement can reduce discomfort during periods and boost healthy milk production in new mothers.

The brand also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with it. My only grouse is that it is available in just one size of 60 capsules. 

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Works well to reduce gut issuesAvailable only in a single, small size
Good for hormonal balance

Summary of Customer Reviews

Customers love the gut-healing effects of VH Nutrition Fenugreek. Some women have even mentioned that it helped to reduce menstrual cramps. However, a few users complained of itchiness after starting the supplement.

Nutrigold Organic Fenugreek – Best Fenugreek Supplement (Organic)

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Fenugreek Seed: 750mg

There is so much awareness worldwide about consuming quality food and ingredients. This has percolated in the field of supplements as well. Users are keen on ensuring that their products are organically sourced and non-GMO.

Among the different fenugreek supplements that feature organic ingredients, Nutrigold Organic Fenugreek is my top pick. 

This supplement is Tru-ID certified authentic, making it among the very few products certified as having organic ingredients from a trusted third party. Additionally, the fenugreek used in this supplement has been processed without using any chemical solvents.

What is impressive is that even the pullulan that goes into making the capsules has been organically and responsibly sourced.

The packaging is thoughtful as well. The capsules are packed in amber-colored bottles to retain their nutritional value and protect against light.

The only downer here is that the dosage is just 750g, less than most other supplements on the market.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Tru-ID certified authenticDosage per serving lower than most other supplements
All ingredients, including capsule pullulan, organically sourced
Thoughtful packaging

Summary of Customer Reviews

Users love going in for a re-buy because of the purity and authenticity of the ingredients. However, some customers reported mild digestive problems like gassiness after consuming Nutrigold Organic Fenugreek.

Best Natural’s Fenugreek – Best Fenugreek Supplement (Budget)

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Fenugreek Seed: 1.22g

If a budget-friendly fenugreek supplement is what you are looking for, Best Natural’s Fenugreek would fit in very well. It is among the most inexpensive fenugreek products around.

However, I also included this product in our list because it does not compromise on the quality of ingredients despite its low price. It is third-party tested for purity and freshness. It is also GMP-compliant and contains no artificial additives, sugars, or preservatives. 

It contains 1.22g of fenugreek, the standard dosage for such supplements. However, it also contains 1g of carbohydrates. Additionally, the capsules are made of bovine gelatin. So, not an ideal choice for someone with vegetarian preferences.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Budget-friendlyNot suited for vegetarians
Third-party tested and GMP-compliant

Summary of Customer Reviews

Users love that Best Natural’s Fenugreek is easy on the pocket and also fulfills the functions for which it was consumed. Some users, however, are put off by the smell, and a few others are unhappy that the product is not organic.

What are the benefits of fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an herb that has been in use in complementary medicine and as a home remedy for its various health benefits, such as:

Blood sugar control

Fenugreek may be able to improve blood sugar levels in people having diabetes. Some studies claim that it may help prevent pre-diabetics* from advancing into diabetes.

(*Pre-diabetic is a term used to describe a person whose blood sugar profile is on the verge of, but not clinically qualified as diabetes.)

Menstrual pain relief

Fenugreek has also been claimed to prevent and relieve menstrual cramps, especially when consumed with other natural remedies such as ginger and chamomile.

Breastmilk production

Fenugreek is said to have a positive effect on the hormone estrogen. This hormone is responsible for optimum breastmilk production. That is why fenugreek is often included in a new mother’s diet to increase the quantity and elevate the quality of breastmilk.

Improved sex drive in men

The active substances in fenugreek are called “saponins” which have been seen to improve testosterone levels in men. Low testosterone is often responsible for a low sex drive. Therefore, fenugreek is suggested to improve sex drive in men by boosting testosterone levels. 

Weight loss

Some studies have claimed that fenugreek can contribute to weight loss. It is suggested that fenugreek acts as a natural appetite suppressant and fat burner. This can cause the body to burn more calories and not feel hungry, resulting in a safe way to lose weight.

You can also maximize the calories burned by working out on these heavy-duty treadmills or these indoor spin bikes to see faster results.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Fenugreek has also been suggested to have anti-inflammatory effects and can help relieve inflammatory conditions ranging from Asthma to Gastritis.

What are the side effects of consuming fenugreek?

Fenugreek is generally considered safe for consumption. However, if supplements are consumed indiscriminately or not as per the direction given, it could lead to side effects such as:

Digestive upset

Diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion have been sporadically reported after taking fenugreek supplements.

We have complied a list of the top glutamine supplement brands which can help heal your gut and allow better digestion.

Allergic reaction

Fenugreek supplements may not suit some people, depending on their individual bodily reactions. An allergic reaction may happen, such as a skin rash or itchiness.

Blood sugar levels

If you are already on glucose-lowering medication or insulin, your physician may also need to alter the dosage if you begin taking fenugreek supplements.

Body odor

Some people have reported a sweetish, maple-syrupy body odor after starting fenugreek supplementation.


Fenugreek supplements are not advised if you are pregnant.

Buying Guide: What should you look for when buying a Fenugreek Supplement?

With so many fenugreek supplements on the market, here is how you can choose the ideal one for you:


Fenugreek supplements are available as either capsule or in the form of a powder. I prefer a capsuled supplement because it gives you a fixed dosage and can be easily carried and consumed. Also, in the case of capsules, you don’t need to worry about the taste. 

Ingredient Quality

Choose a supplement that preferably has certification for being GMP-compliant and organically sourced. The ingredients are purer, hence giving you more benefits.


Always choose a product that does not contain any fillers or artificial additives just to make the supplement look plumped-up and smell good.


Go for a product that gives you exact dosages of the core ingredient. ‘Blends’ should be avoided since you won’t know precise quantities and quality.


Fenugreek supplements are a great natural way of improving blood sugar control, enhancing lactation, increasing sex drive, and improving gut health. I love Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed and consider this the best among all of the fenugreek supplements. But do have a look at our other top supplements to choose the best fit for you.


Here are some of the common questions asked about fenugreek supplements:

Is fenugreek safe?

Yes. Fenugreek is a natural herb and has been a part of multiple cuisines. As a supplement, as long as it is taken in the prescribed dosage, it is entirely safe. However, pregnant women are advised to avoid taking fenugreek supplements.

Can you swallow fenugreek seeds whole?

Of course, you can. They are tiny and can be consumed much like capsules. To ensure proper gut absorption of fenugreek, it is essential to chew the seeds and then swallow them. However, fenugreek seeds taste bitter, which may not be a pleasant experience. Hence, supplements become a much better alternative.

Is it safe to consume fenugreek daily?

If taken in the prescribed dosage, fenugreek is safe to consume daily. It is always better, however, to consult your nutritionist for the optimum dosage for you.

What is the best time to take fenugreek?

The best time to take fenugreek is just before your meal since it contributes to better digestion and blood sugar control.

Can fenugreek cause constipation?

No. Fenugreek does not cause constipation. In fact, fenugreek is used as a laxative in natural medicine.

Is fenugreek a blood thinner?

It has not been conclusively proved, but some studies claim that fenugreek can delay blood clotting and improve blood circulation in people with heart disease.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered medical advice. Please consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting the consumption of any supplements. Always check the label before purchasing a product for potential allergic reactions.

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