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It’s fantastic to see more and more people invested in building their health, fitness and stamina. However, it is common for people to feel fagged out and sore for days after a strenuous workout. This is where supplements come in. 

It is, of course, recommended to follow a healthy diet that keeps pace with your fitness schedule. Still, the right supplement can genuinely complement the work done by your food regime.

My clients often ask me about the best way in which they could overcome muscle soreness and hit the gym for the next workout. While I recommend supplements based on individual goals and health status, I have a fail-safe that works with most people – glutamine.

Glutamine is probably one of the most important amino acids because it contributes heavily to tissue repair, gut health and immune strengthening. 

As a supplement, this tiny amino acid in the right amount will help you go the extra mile – quite literally! The best glutamine supplement is the one that helps your muscles recover faster and strengthens your gut for a healthier digestive experience and a flatter belly. KAGED MUSCLE, L-Glutamine Powder fits the bill perfectly for this!

But yes, I hear you. Each of you has different fitness goals. And so, I have compiled a list of the 9 best l-glutamine supplements on the market today.

Best Glutamine Supplement – OverallKAGED MUSCLE L-Glutamine Powder
Best Glutamine Supplement –  Budget NOW Sports Nutrition L-Glutamine Pure Powder
Best Glutamine Supplement for Muscle RecoveryForzagen BCAA Powder with Glutamine 
Best Glutamine Supplement for Muscle SorenessOptimum Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder
Best Glutamine Supplement with BCAA BodyTech BCAA+Glutamine
Best Glutamine Supplement in Capsule FormJarrow Formulas L-Glutamine 1000 mg
Best Glutamine Supplement for Gut HealthNutraBio L-Glutamine Powder – Pure Grade
Best Glutamine Supplement for WomenBulk Supplements L-Glutamine
Best Glutamine Supplement for VegansIntestinal Fortitude L-Glutamine Powder

A Quick Guide to the 9 Best Glutamine Supplements

Note: All nutritional facts mentioned below are for a single serving as mentioned on the product label.

KAGED MUSCLE L-Glutamine Powder – Best Glutamine Supplement (Overall)

Total L-Glutamine (fermented) = 5g

What I love most about KAGED MUSCLE L-Glutamine Powder is that it delivers absolutely pure L-glutamine that has been derived through a plant-based fermentation process and is not synthetically manufactured. This translates into better absorption of glutamine in the gut. 

The cherry on the cake is that this product is third-party tested and has been certified as banned substances-free.

What The Formulation Means For You

This supplement provides a good dose of glutamine per serving. The higher the quality of L-glutamine in the supplement, the quicker it will be absorbed by the body. And so, the muscles will recover faster from particularly strenuous workouts. This is because glutamine will help bring down the lactic acid buildup in the muscles that bring on the typical soreness.

Go for this supplement especially if you are into intense workouts or have a demanding athletic performance coming up. This one is my top pick in glutamine supplements.

Customer Reviews:

KAGED MUSCLE, L-Glutamine Powder is a favourite with most customers who vouch for its muscle recovery creds. It has also been recommended highly because it stacks well with other supplements.

NOW Sports Nutrition L-Glutamine Pure Powder – Best Glutamine Supplement (Budget)

Total L-Glutamine (free-form) = 5g

Another great product in the market of L-Glutamine supplements is NOW Sports Nutrition L-Glutamine Pure Powder. It should be the go-to for anyone who has one eye on the budget.

It offers non-GMO, vegan and kosher glutamine as a free-form glutamine powder. Any nutrient present in free-form increases its bioavailability, which means the body can absorb it better and more quickly. They also test each batch for strength and safety.

What The Formulation Means For You

Because glutamine is present in its pure form, this product does well in helping you recover from muscle soreness by reducing the lactic acid buildup. It also serves as a nitrogen transporter in the body to help maintain nitrogen balance, again playing a role in muscle recovery.

Customer Reviews:

Many people endorsed NOW Sports Nutrition, L-Glutamine Pure Powder more for its mood-enhancing and gut-healing properties, along with its muscle recovery capabilities. However, a few people recommend starting with lower dosages and slowly increasing to full dosage to prevent any digestive upsets.

Forzagen BCAA Powder with Glutamine – Best Glutamine Supplement for Muscle Recovery

Total L-Glutamine: 2g

If you want a glutamine supplement that can be consumed pre, intra or post-workout, I will direct you to Forzagen BCAA Powder with Glutamine. It has a 2:1:1 recommended BCAA formula and a decent hydration complex that allows you to train harder and hydrate as you work out.

What The Formulation Means For You

The combination of Glutamine and BCAA means faster and better muscle recovery than seen with isolated glutamine supplements, along with an increase in endurance and muscle building.

This l-glutamine supplement is suitable for those people who like to keep the number of individual supplement products to a minimum.

A word of caution though. This product has artificial flavours and fillers. So if you are looking for a product that is essentially pure, then this one is not for you.

Customer Reviews:

Most customers are happy with their energy levels since starting Forzagen BCAA Powder with Glutamine. However, a few people did not like its taste. They found the flavours overly sweet and ‘chemical-tasting’.

Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine Muscle Recovery Powder – Best Glutamine for Muscle Soreness

Total L-Glutamine: 5g

If pure glutamine is what you are looking for to combat muscle soreness post-workout quickly, Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine Muscle Recovery Powder is an excellent choice.

What The Formulation Means For You

With a good dose of glutamine per serving, this supplement is excellent for recovering after a strenuous workout. 

Because it’s tasteless, it will stack very well with your protein shakes, breakfast smoothies and green juices. Even taken alone, I have found that it is gut-friendly and reduces the intensity and duration of muscle soreness.

Customer Reviews:

More than 80% of customers have given this product a thumbs-up. They have praised its muscle soreness-fighting capabilities and also recommended it for its gut-healing qualities.

BodyTech BCAA+Glutamine – Best Glutamine Supplement with BCAA

Total L-Glutamine: 2.5g

With a healthy 2:1:1 BCAA component, I find BodyTech BCAA + Glutamine powder more digestion-friendly than most other supplements on the market.

What I liked best about this product was that it has no unnecessary fillers and no artificial flavoring. This automatically ranks it high on my health radar.

What The Formulation Means For You

In addition to having Glutamine and BCAA, which help in muscle recovery and maintenance, BodyTech BCAA+Glutamine has a surprise ingredient: Vitamin C! Those wondering why they would include this vitamin in a workout supplement, Vitamin C is one of the finest natural antioxidants we know. This means that cell damage because of intense workouts can be reduced because of its presence. 

Go for this product if you are looking for a combination supplement that does not cause unnecessary digestive discomfort.

Customer Reviews:

Majority of customers recommend this product for its muscle recovery creds, though many have also complained about its bitter taste when taken with plain water.

Jarrow Formulas L-Glutamine 1000 mg – Best Glutamine Supplement in Capsule Form

Total L-Glutamine: 1g

The Jarrow Formulas L-Glutamine is the best available supplement in a no-nonsense capsule form.

What The Formulation Means For You

The glutamine present in this product is prepared through fermentation. This means it has better absorption capabilities and works as a well-rounded supplement to improve immune function. It also helps in increasing energy levels. 

This is an excellent product for people who workout in low and medium-intensity settings due to its dosage. In addition, the capsule form makes it easier to carry and consume.

Customer Reviews:

The general feedback given by customers is that it’s a wonderful gut healer, especially for ‘leaky gut’ and gives ample energy support.

NutraBio L-Glutamine Powder – Pure Grade – Best Glutamine Supplement for Gut Health

Total L-Glutamine: 5g

Not all glutamine supplements are advised just for muscle recovery. Many times, a glutamine supplement helps immensely in rebuilding immunity and restoring gut health. I have found NutraBio L-Glutamine Powder – Pure Grade to be the absolute best in this line.

Here’s a product that has been prepared after a lot of thought and considerable care. It has fermented L-glutamine that is Kyowa quality, a certification synonymous with the highest quality ingredients available today.

What The Formulation Means For You

When top-notch ingredients are prepared and packaged in their pure, unadulterated form, they will go a long way in matching up to your health goals.

The Kyowa quality, fermented L-glutamine delivers a powerful punch to not just the fitness enthusiast, but even to those people who want to recover from illness and boost their immunity in a relatively shorter amount of time.

Customer Reviews:

Customers love the gut-healing properties of this product. They also vouch for its superior muscle recovery qualities.

Bulk Supplements L-Glutamine – Best Glutamine Supplement for Women

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Total L-Glutamine: 1g

The Bulk Supplements L-Glutamine works well as a pre and post-workout supplement. Being a pure glutamine formulation, it is an excellent choice for someone who wants to lose weight and yet not lose out on vital amino acids.

What The Formulation Means For You

I have found that this formulation works well with women for two reasons. Firstly, because many women tend to face some degree of digestive issues due to cyclical hormonal changes, and this product supports gut health. Second, because this is a good supplement for someone looking to lose weight. 

The most significant advantage is that this product helps you get used to glutamine supplementation gradually and lets you increase the dosage as your tolerance goes up.

Customer Reviews:

Many customers are happy with its gut-healing properties. However, a few customers reported an off-putting smell from the product, which could affect re-buy.

Intestinal Fortitude L Glutamine Powder – Best Glutamine Supplement for Vegans

Total L-Glutamine: 5g

The truth is, there aren’t many vegan alternatives for supplements on the market. However, Intestinal Fortitude L-Glutamine Powder is ideal for people who want to meet their fitness goals without giving up their vegan lifestyle.

The l-glutamine in this product is naturally fermented using vegetable sources, making it my top pick in vegan formulations.

What The Formulation Means For You

Since l-glutamine is available in free form in this product, its absorptive capacity is much higher than most products. This makes it my favourite choice for vegans who cannot supplement adequate glutamine from their diet.

Customer Reviews:

Its clean ingredients make it a favourite with customers. Many people have also recommended it for its gut-healing properties.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids needed by human beings. It is a conditional amino acid, which means that it can be produced by the body in limited quantities and the rest needs to be obtained from the diet.

Glutamine is an important building block for proteins and is also required to produce other amino acids.

What are the types of Glutamine?

Glutamine exists in two forms: D-Glutamine or just Glutamine, and L-Glutamine.

The difference between these two forms in the arrangement of atoms within the glutamine molecule. L-Glutamine is the form that is majorly produced by the body and found in the diet.

L-Glutamine has a variant in the form N-acetyl Glutamine, which some research studies say has more efficient gut-healing properties.

What are the benefits of Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundantly found amino acid in the body and has numerous benefits. 

Muscle recovery

Glutamine helps to reduce muscle soreness and hasten muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid buildup, which usually happens when you exercise or work out.

Immune enhancer

Glutamine is an important building block for proteins in the body, including the production of white blood cells, which help the body fight disease. This is why glutamine supplementation is advised to many people recovering from a major illness or injury.

Gut healer

Glutamine helps to maintain the integrity of the inner barrier layers of the intestines, thus preventing bacteria and harmful germs from trespassing into the body.

Post-trauma recovery

Some studies have shown that glutamine supplementation helps in faster healing of deep wounds that are usually seen after burns, a critical illness or surgery [1].

What are the side effects of glutamine?

Side effects from glutamine supplementation are very rare, especially if taken in its recommended dosage.

If they do happen, they are usually mild and include nausea, bloating, heartburn and dizziness. However, regular excess consumption of glutamine may cause liver damage and blood in the urine.

A word of caution: People with liver or kidney problems must consult a doctor before starting a glutamine supplement.

What foods are high in glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in maintaining health. It is found in many foods. However, animal foods are better sources of glutamine than plant-based foods.

Animal sources of glutamine:

  • Meat
  • Organ meat
  • Seafood
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Bone broth
  • Yogurt

Plant sources of glutamine:

  • Nuts
  • Cabbage
  • Beans
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Asparagus
  • Legumes

How much glutamine should I be taking?

The recommended intake of glutamine is 3 to 6 g per day [2], although athletes have been known to take higher doses depending on their individual requirements and under professional supervision.

Buying guide: How To Choose the Best Glutamine Supplement?

Look out for the below points when buying a l-glutamine supplement.

Check ingredients

The purer the glutamine, the more efficient are its results. Always look for sources of ingredients and their nature (non-GMO, hypoallergenic, certified pure). Go for products that mention “free-form” or “fermented form” of the nutrient. Also, based on your individual preferences, look for vegan and kosher tags.

Supplement delivery form

Glutamine supplements are available in powder and capsule form. Go for the form you prefer personally and the one that works best for you.


Budget is a major factor for most people, and rightly so. So choose a supplement that gives you the nutrition you want in the budget you are standing by.

Final Words

Glutamine supplementation is a versatile field. Its benefits are not restricted to muscle recovery and exercise performance. Glutamine has a wide-ranging array of benefits, from intestinal health to immune enhancement and wound healing. KAGED MUSCLE L-Glutamine Powder checks all of these boxes for me, though I would highly recommend you to go through our entire list to find your perfect fit.


Is glutamine a BCAA?

No, glutamine is not a part of the BCAA trio. It is a conditional amino acid that is abundantly found in the human body.

Can glutamine help me build muscle?

Not directly. Glutamine is more of a post-workout recovery supplement. When muscles are able to recover faster, you can train regularly. This will help to build muscle.

You can take a pre-workout supplement without beta-alanine to maximize your workout sessions and in-turn see the best results.

Is glutamine useful for weight loss?

Glutamine doesn’t have any direct implication on weight loss. However, glutamine is a wonderful gut healer. It helps to enhance the absorption of nutrients in the gut and reduces gut disturbances like bloating and constipation. This can help you get a flatter belly.

A combination of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet is the easiest way to lose weight. You can use a magnetic resistance spin bike to help you create the calorie deficit to see sustainable weight loss.

What does glutamine do for your workout?

When you work out, muscles become sore because of lactic acid buildup. Glutamine helps recover the integrity of muscles by helping lactic acid get absorbed faster into the blood.

Why do we need glutamine supplements? 

Even though glutamine is abundantly present in the body, its requirement goes up phenomenally when the body is in a state of anxiety or in cases of physical stress, such as after an illness, injury and after an intense workout. Also, because animal food sources contain reasonably good amounts of glutamine as opposed to plant-based sources, vegetarians and vegans may fall back on their glutamine requirements. For these reasons, we require glutamine supplements. 

What do ‘free-form’ and ‘fermented’ glutamine mean?

When a nutrition table mentions the presence of ‘free-form glutamine’, this means that the amino acid is available without being bound to other amino acids or proteins.

‘Fermented glutamine’ is when the amino acid is derived through the natural process of fermentation of plant-based sources. 

Both free-form and fermented varieties of glutamine allow the gut to absorb them better than regular glutamine, making them highly bioavailable. Thus maximising their benefits. 

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered medical advice. Please consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting the consumption of any supplements. Always check the label before purchasing a product for potential allergic reactions.

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