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For those of you who are looking to stay fit but prefer working out in the privacy of your homes, an elliptical is among the best exercise equipment you can buy. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your muscles or just improve cardiovascular stamina, an elliptical can help you do all of these very comfortably. 

When living in an apartment, the first feature you must consider is how quietly your exercise machine operates. Ellipticals are generally quieter compared to other training equipment like treadmills or rowing machines. But some ellipticals can be noisy and may disturb your family or neighbors. 

Choosing the quietest elliptical can be challenging, given the many different types you come across. So, to save you time and effort, we have done extensive research and curated a list of the best quiet ellipticals for apartments you can buy. 

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 is the best apartment elliptical as it checks all the boxes. Affordably priced, it offers a low-impact workout that is easy on the back and joints. The 10 levels of resistance and 10 workout programs allow you to experience a unique training session every day. The frame itself is durable and sturdy enough to handle even the most challenging workouts.

But before you decide, let’s also look at the other ellipticals across different categories that made it to the list. 

Best Elliptical for Apartment (Overall)Horizon Fitness EX-59
Best Elliptical for Apartment (Compact)Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine
Best Elliptical for Apartment (Under Desk)Cubii JR2 Under Desk Elliptical
Best Elliptical for Apartment (Budget)Doufit EM-01 Elliptical Machine
Best Elliptical for Apartment (Folding)Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer
Best Elliptical for Apartment (Recumbent)XTERRA Fitness RSX1500 Seated Recumbent Elliptical

We advise you to read this entire article to find which elliptical suits your requirement. We have also answered some frequently asked questions and compiled a helpful buying guide.

Top 6 Ellipticals for Apartments Reviewed

The home ellipticals listed below can help you achieve your fitness goals. Nevertheless, if you have any particular medical condition(s), we strongly advise that you seek the advice of a qualified physician.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 – Best Elliptical for Apartment (Overall)

Drive System: Front drive

Resistance: 10 levels

Dimensions: 74 x 25 x 64.5 inches

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime warranty for the frame, 1 year for breaks, parts and labor

Being a SIXstar-Certified elliptical, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 meets the specifications for the six key elements required to deliver the most realistic training. It offers the smoothest experience at an affordable price, making it the best home elliptical. 

The frame is sturdy and ergonomically designed to offer a supremely comfortable workout experience. The fact that the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for the frame shows their confidence in its quality and design.

Additionally, the heavy-duty flywheel and magnetic brake resistance provide an overall smooth and quiet stride. The EX-59 has an 18-inch stride length replicating a natural walking and running experience. 

Another reason why this elliptical is a great choice is because of its ZEROGap design (narrow Q factor). This means the distance between the pedals is tighter, reducing stress on the back and hips while working out.

The elliptical has been carefully designed with ergonomic placement of foam-padded handlebars. Positioned within optimal reach, they help maintain posture and balance while you train. 

Coming to the actual training experience, the elliptical provides over 10 levels of resistance and 10 workout programs. This allows you to create and experiment with a unique training session daily. The workout programs also include 3 target trainings (calories, distance, time) and 3 workout targets (weight loss, hills, reverse training).

You can listen to your favorite music via the MP3 input and headphone output facilities included in the console. Other features like sonic surround speakers and a cooling fan are valuable additions. 

The presence of transportation wheels helps in easy mobility and portability.

Why do we love itWhat do you need to consider
Durable, sturdy, and ergonomic frame Slightly big footprint
Tighter pedal distance for joint health
Lifetime warranty for frame

Summary of customer reviews

Customers consider the Horizon EX-59 an excellent apartment elliptical that is easy to assemble. It does not take up much room and is space efficient. However, a few users complained of a squeaky sound within a few weeks of working out and also found their after-sales customer support lacking. 

Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine – Best Compact Elliptical for Apartment 

Drive System: Front

Resistance: 16 levels 

Dimensions: 53.8 x 24 x 62.5 inches

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the parts, 1 year for the electronic, and 90 days for the labor

The Schwinn 411 is another apartment elliptical we love, primarily because of its unique, compact, space-friendly design.

Despite being equipped with an 18-inch stride length, it is a fraction of the size of other ellipticals, making it a perfect match for smaller rooms and apartments. Also, its lightweight design makes moving it from room to room easy. 

Another structural plus point is the presence of dual handlebars, offering extended support, especially for challenging workouts. While the fixed handlebars are fitted with heart rate sensors, the moving ones engage your upper body, allowing a full-body workout. The added padding absorbs sweat and helps you maintain grip while you train.

The elliptical offers 16 levels of variable resistance which help add more intensity to your workout.

It has a streamlined 5.5-inch high-contrast LCD console that displays all your workout metrics, like distance, speed, time, calories, and heart rate. 

The elliptical also connects with the “Explore the World” app (free version). You can explore more than 50 global routes that automatically adjust to your speed as per your workout goals. The app also allows you to share your workout results with a broader community by syncing with other fitness apps.

A media shelf lets you prop up your smart device to access the Explore the World app or stream your favorite shows as you workout. Integrated Bluetooth connectivity lets you link it to your iOS or Android device.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Compact with a small footprintPoor customer support
Lightweight and portable

Summary of customer reviews

Customers love Schwinn 411 as it is sturdy, compact, and comfortable. The footprint makes it perfect for condos or small apartments. They also endorse it as one of the best home ellipticals. However, some users reported that the console showed faulty metrics a few times, while others spoke out about the slow customer support.

Cubii JR2 Under Desk Elliptical – Best Under Desk Elliptical for Apartment 

Drive System: NA

Resistance: 8 levels

Dimensions: 24.4 in x 17.80 in x 8.8 in

Max User Weight Capacity: Not available

Warranty: 1 year

Cubii JR2 is a lightweight, portable under-desk elliptical that helps you burn calories while sitting. It offers a low-impact workout while meeting your fitness goals. 

This elliptical cum pedal exerciser offers a seamless workout experience with its smooth and quiet stride. The whisper-quiet motion makes it easy to multi-task. You can use it when you are working or even when you are watching something without disturbing you from your primary focus. 

Though it is a seated elliptical, the 8 levels of resistance provided allow you to experience challenging workouts, which help improve strength and mobility. 

Bonus points for the fact that this elliptical can work very well for people with limited joint movement or those under physical rehabilitation. It can provide a safe space for lower leg muscle activation without unnecessary joint impact.

Cubii JR2 is fitted with a small digital screen that monitors your progress and helps you track workout stats like calories, distance, time, etc. You can also connect your mobile device with the Cubii app, set fitness goals, adjust resistance, and track progress.

The elliptical has oversized pedals that allow you to place your foot comfortably, offering a better pedaling experience. 

It is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It has a sturdy handle for easy lifting, and you can place the elliptical in front of your favorite seat or desk and start pedaling.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Extremely lightweight and compactTargets limited joints or muscles
Great for those with compromised mobility or in physical rehab 
Bluetooth connectivity

Summary of customer reviews

The customers find Cubii JR2 an easy-to-use elliptical. It requires minimal assembly and comes with clear instructions. It is an excellent choice for people with desk jobs as it allows them to burn a few extra calories while they work. However, some customers have complained about knee pain after using Cubii JR2 for a long time. 

Doufit EM-01 Elliptical Machine – Best Budget Elliptical for Apartment 

Drive System: Rear drive

Resistance: 8 levels

Dimensions: 34 x 20 x 62 inches

Max User Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Warranty: 1-year warranty

It is obviously important to buy any exercise machine based on how well its specifications match your fitness goals. However, for a lot of people, budget is at the top of the priority list. The Doufit EM-01 is a great choice for those of you who believe in going easy on the pocket.

Though economical in price, it does not compromise on quality. The Doufit is a durable and multi-functional home elliptical. 

Equipped with both fixed and moving handlebars, it aims to impart a full-body workout. In addition, the fixed handlebars are fitted with pulse sensors that help track your pulse rate in real-time. 

The elliptical features a compact 12-inch stride length and silent flywheel that offers a smooth and quiet low-impact workout experience. Its 8 adjustable resistance levels allow you to amp up the degree of challenge in your workout sessions.

Textured surface on the pedals give the feet better grip and help prevent slippage. Also, the foot pedals are 14 inches long and can accommodate users of different foot sizes.

The multi-functional LCD monitor helps you track your other workout stats, like speed, distance, time, calories, etc. The elliptical also features a device holder so you can easily access your phone or tab while working out. 

Other features include a bottle holder and transportation wheels for portability.

An added bonus is that the elliptical comes partially assembled, so setting it up is easy and quick.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Budget-friendly Less max user weight capacity
Quiet operation Short warranty
Non-slip and textured pedals

Summary of customer review

The customers love Doufit EM-01 elliptical as it comes partially assembled and is easy to set up by following simple instructions. It’s a quiet elliptical with silent operation, and the customer support team is professional and approachable. However, some customers have complained about receiving rusted parts. 

Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer – Best Folding Elliptical for Apartment 

Drive System: NA

Resistance: No resistance 

Dimensions: Unfolded – 44 x 33.5 x 53.5 inches; Folded – 66 x 33.5 x 10.5 inches

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 12 months

We know that a home gym is a wonderful way to remain in touch with fitness without stepping out of the house. However, smaller apartments may not allow for a dedicated room for exercise equipment. One of the solutions for this could be investing in foldable machines.

The Gazelle Foldable Elliptical Trainer makes for an excellent home elliptical because it is among a select few that can be folded, taking up significantly less space when not in use.

Since it has no drive system or belt, it offers a virtually silent workout experience, making it one of the quietest ellipticals available. 

Though it does not have high-tech functions, it still offers a great workout experience. It features 10 individualized exercises that target and work on different muscle groups. 

In addition, its patented dual-pivot suspension provides a greater range of motion for the legs. This means that you can experience the entire spectrum from walking to running with this one machine. 

Extra wide foot platforms help to minimize the risk of slippage injuries, and foam handlebars provide added comfort and support. 

The fitness computer with a built-in thumb pulse monitor provides instant feedback on workout metrics and also keeps track of heart rate.

As added bonuses, it has a bottle holder, and they are also currently providing 2 workout DVDs and a water bottle as freebies.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Foldable with minimal footprint No resistance levels
Supremely quiet operation Assembly requires extra effort

Summary of customer reviews

Most users love using the Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer as it is a handy machine compared to other high-tech variants. However, although it is easily movable and offers hassle-free storage, some users need help to assemble. 

XTERRA Fitness RSX1500 Seated Recumbent Elliptical – Best Recumbent Elliptical for Apartment

Drive System: Rear drive

Resistance: 24 levels

Dimensions: 52.1 x 14.7 x 50 inches

Max User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime for frame and brake, 3 years for the parts, and 1 year for the labor

The Xterra Fitness RSX1500 Seated Stepper is an excellent recumbent elliptical for apartment as it provides a comfortable yet effective workout while in a semi-seated position. Besides being a great option to help tone muscles, it can also be used for rehabilitation and for senior citizens.

The padded seat and mesh back contribute to the comfort quotient. The back can be inclined forward and backward to suit your needs. It is also easy to get in and out of the elliptical as the side handles of the seat can be moved out.

This elliptical offers a low-impact, full-body workout which is easy on the joints, thanks to the 13″ linear stepper-like motion. In addition, it also engages the upper body and provides coordinated leg and arm movement. 

It is equipped with a padded hand grip that allows 360° movement so you can hold the handlebar comfortably. You can also adjust the length of the handlebar as per your convenience. 

The seated stepper also comes with ratchet-style, self-balancing pedals with straps so that your feet remain secure and in place. 

A wide variety of workout options are available to you with this machine. With over 24 levels of resistance and 24 workout programs, you can have a different workout routine every day. 

The fitted console helps you customize your workout and track your workout data like calories, distance, time, and speed. It also has built-in speakers, reading rack and audio jack to connect your phone/tablet to play media.

Why do we love itWhat you need to consider
Ergonomic seating for comfort Below average customer support
Collapsible seat handles for ease of entry and exist
Wide variety of workout options
Great warranty

Summary of customer reviews

The consumers find the Xterra stepper to be quite comfortable and noiseless. However, a few people needed help assembling this elliptical. Alongside this, its twirling handgrip could be challenging to grab onto when in motion.

What Causes Elliptical Noise?

Noise is one of the most important things to consider while buying a home elliptical. There can be multiple reasons why an elliptical could be making noise. 

Elliptical Belt

The main reason for the noise is the belt. An elliptical makes a squeaky noise when the belt is dirty or worn out. This type of noise mainly occurs in ellipticals with air resistance systems. Buying an elliptical with magnetic resistance is recommended as it makes less noise. 

Floor Vibration

Another reason for an elliptical to make noise is floor vibration. This occurs if good cushioning isn’t provided for the machine. This problem can be easily tackled by using an elliptical mat. 

Improperly assembly / lose parts

Lastly, the noise can be due to improper assembly or loose parts of the elliptical. So, it is advised to check for loose parts and tighten them as needed regularly. 

How do you reduce the noise coming from the elliptical? 

Here’s how you can ensure a more silently working elliptical:

Floor cushioning/mat

Position your elliptical on a lightly carpeted surface. This helps to prevent the floor from vibrating as a result of an operational elliptical. You can use an elliptical mat as well. 


To ensure frictionless and soundless movements, regularly oiling the elliptical is recommended. You can use standardized lubricant oil or WD-40 spray once a week for this.

Maintenance checks

A quick check once a week to make sure nuts and bolts are well-tightened is an investment made well for maintaining quiet operation and longer running life of the machine.

Buying Guide: What Makes A Good Apartment Elliptical?

We’ve already gone through the top picks for the best quiet ellipticals for apartments. Let’s now look at some of the general considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when buying it.   


If you’re getting an elliptical for an apartment, it is essential to consider the noise it makes. You may not want it to become a nuisance for your family members or neighbors. We recommend getting an elliptical with magnetic resistance, as it is frictionless and makes minimal noise.  

Machine footprint

Another critical factor to consider while buying an apartment elliptical is its footprint. Ellipticals can take up quite a bit of space, so measure the space where you want to place the machine. You’d also need some extra room for entry and exit on the elliptical. We recommend about 20 inches of free space on either side of the machine. 

If your apartment is small, buy an elliptical with a smaller footprint or one which can be folded after use. 


For apartments with small spaces, getting a portable elliptical is strongly recommended because you can keep it away after every workout. Look for an elliptical that has transportation wheels and is lightweight to ensure easy mobility. Foldable machines can be a great advantage as well. 

Step-up height

Most people miss out on this aspect. Simply put, the step-up height is the distance between the floor and the highest point at which the foot pedal of the elliptical goes. This becomes important when the room in which you plan to place the elliptical has a low ceiling. 

To exercise optimally in a proper posture and prevent your head from bumping into the ceiling, choose an elliptical with a low step-up height for a low-ceiling room.

Weight capacity

Maximum user weight capacity is another crucial factor before getting an apartment elliptical. The more weight it can carry, the more durable and sturdy it is. On average, a home elliptical has a weight capacity ranging from 250 to 350 lbs. 

We strongly recommend that you choose an elliptical that has a weight capacity higher than that of the heaviest user in your home. 


Over time, even the best exercise equipment experiences wear and tear. Therefore, the significance of a warranty must be considered. So, ensuring that the elliptical you purchase has an extended warranty covering the frame, body components, and labor is essential.


There are plenty of elliptical options available today. The price range of ellipticals starts from $150 and goes up to $11,000. Before shopping for one, you must decide on a budget so that you don’t get confused in the sea of available options. 

However, it’s important to remember that the presence of extra or premium elliptical features depends on the budget you have chosen. 


Getting an elliptical is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable workout at home. 

However, in today’s noisy environment, the last thing you want is a loud and intrusive elliptical disrupting the peace of your house. Therefore, it is important to find an elliptical that is quiet and fits in with your home’s ethos. 

Per our research, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 is the best elliptical for apartments. It provides a seamless low-impact workout in the comfort of your home while replicating the natural walking and running experience at a pocket-friendly price.

The elliptical has a heavy-duty flywheel and magnetic brake resistance, giving you a smooth and quiet workout experience. It also offers a wide range of workout options to challenge yourself every day uniquely. 


Are ellipticals quiet enough for apartments?

With the variety of ellipticals available in the market, you can definitely find a quiet elliptical for your home. However, it would be best if you did your research to be sure. Apartment ellipticals also offer several compact features, such as foldable designs and small footprint, which makes them ideal for apartment use.

Are ellipticals quieter than treadmills?

Yes, ellipticals are generally quieter than treadmills. Running is a high-impact activity, so every time your foot hits the running belt of a treadmill, it tends to make a loud noise. This doesn’t happen in an elliptical as you have 4 fixed and constant weight-bearing points. 

Are NordicTrack ellipticals quiet?

Yes, NordicTrack ellipticals usually come with high-quality flywheel and drive systems, giving you quiet training sessions. 

We have reviewed some excellent ellipticals under 1000, which have a quiet operation. 

Why is my elliptical making a knocking, clunking, grinding, or squeaking noise?

There are a number of reasons due to which ellipticals can emit different noises. These could range from a worn-out belt to improper assembly to floor vibrations. We have addressed these concerns in detail in a section above. 

Do ellipticals fit inside apartments?

Yes, there are several small ellipticals that fit easily inside apartments. Do check the dimensions of the machine to be sure.

Is weight a problem for ellipticals in an apartment?

Apartments are usually built under strict industry guidelines and standards. Generally, a residential floor can safely hold at least 40 lbs of weight per square foot. Here’s how you can calculate how much weight your apartment floor can hold:

(Square footage of the floor) x 40 = Weight-bearing capacity

A home elliptical weighs 200 lbs on average. So most floors would be able to sustain its weight without any strain.

Are quiet ellipticals expensive? How much does an elliptical cost?

Most times, price is not an indicator of quality. There are plenty of ellipticals that can give you a  quiet workout experience without burning a hole in your pocket. Ellipticals can cost as less as $150. Ultimately, it is your budget and requirements that would be the deciding factors.

How to lubricate a noisy elliptical?

You can use the below hack to lubricate a noisy elliptical. 

  1. Apply marine grease around the rollers on the roller arms below the pedals.
  2. Press ‘Power On’ to spread the grease onto the roller lamps. 
  3. Wipe away excess grease before you lubricate the noisy elliptical. 

You can also use WD-40 spray to lubricate your elliptical. 

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in the article above is for educational and informational purposes only. It shouldn’t be considered health or medical advice. Please consult a doctor or a qualified health professional if you have any medical/health conditions questions.

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